My name is Michal Goga and I am a filmmaker. 
An award-winning* filmmaker skilled in directing, cinematography, drone operation and post-production. I am persistent in capturing the story, the fleeting moments that may never come back and content that is worth sharing.
My journey begun back in 2017 in Slovakia. Being hired as a videographer for an international media company, I produced video, photo and written content for them. I also started freelancing and eventually created my own business, shooting variety of video content for broad range of clients. 
Then, a possibility came for me to travel to Canada. Landing in Vancouver, I wanted to get into the industry as soon as possible and I eventually ended up freelancing, working for a production company and shooting short films, some of which won awards on local movie festivals. 
And now I am in New Zealand, following my passion of travel and filmmaking, ready to tell your story using cinematic techniques, beautiful imagery and captivating narrative.
I strive to produce strong ideas, either single-handedly or while brainstorming with a team.
I love adventure and exploration and I like to treat every single production as a new adventure of its own, requiring a clean slate and a different approach every time.
So what do you say?
Shall we yell "Action!" and "That's a wrap." on a project together?

Ps.: A fun fact about my educational background - I have completed Master‘s degree in political science, however it was filmmaking that I chose to pursue in the end.
*Best cinematography award at the 2019 Vancouver Run‘n’Gun Film Festival
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