Festival Teaser/Trailer
A teaser/trailer video created for promotional purposes for Festival of Forgotten
Arts and Crafts. Video will be used as a commercial in cinemas across the country and
on web too. 
Role - Videography, editing and color correction/grading. Exported in DCP for cinema use.
Volf Soccer Academy
An ongoing collaboration with Volf Soccer Academy in Vancouver in order to produce
video content for social media and web use. 
Role - Videography, editing and color correction/grade.
Scenic NZ Limo service
Role - editing and color correction
Video explainer series for Paul Mon-Kau
Ongoing collaboratin. Several short explainer videos shot for Vancouver Business Brokers
to be used on social media and web.
Role - Videography, editing, motion graphics and color correction
Mini-series for Banjolit
Goal: To create a series of promotional videos showcasing the process of manufacturing, installation and use of products developed by Banjolit.
Role - Videography, editing and color correction
Promotional video for the MediCan clinic
Goal: To create promotional video tour through the clinic that would present the clinic to potential customers and guests in clean and modern fashion.
Role: Videography, editing and color correction.
Promotional video for DJI Mavic Pro Platinum
Goal: To capture the drone and its design in minimalistic and dramatic fashion with extra attention to details and design features.
Role: Production, cinematography, editing, color grading. 
Presentation video for Acrea Architects atelier
Goal: To develop a script and a narrative, to shoot and edit real-life scenarios and edit it with the original 3D visualisation provided by the client. Use of motion graphics was required, as well as some retouching work.
Role: Videography, editing, motion graphics and retouching.
Competition video for Slovak Technical University and Slovak BIM Association. 
Goal: To create a video for an international competition in BIM modeling that would capture and explain the process of model creation and utilization by the students and their supervisor. Both the team and the video won the first place in the competition held in the US.
Role: Videography, editing, color grading.
Promotional video for Chateu Tovarniky
Goal: To showcase the current state of Chateu Tovarniky and capture its exterior/interior prior to planned renovations. 
Role: Videography, editing and color correction.
Identity video for an online magazine Noizz.sk
Goal: To shoot and edit a video that would capture the identity and range of issues that the magazine is covering in a dynamic and active fashion suitable for the audience of Noizz.sk. Video was used as a cover video on Facebook.
Role: Pre-production, videography, editing and color grading.
Teaser for Color Run Bratislava, assignment for Noizz.sk
Goal: To create short yet powerful teaser that will tell a quick story, focused on Facebook audience.
Role: Production, videography, editing.
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